Dark Heresy - AscensionEdit

Digital weapons, or digi-weapons, appear to be rings or other jewellery, but are actually powerful ranged weapons, either archeotech or of xenos manufacture. The most common of these (if common can be used to describe such wondrous items) are crafted by the ape-like aliens known as the Jokaero. Their creations are so marvellously constructed that even Throne Agents of the Holy Ordos have been known to wear them. Two of the most popular types of digital weapons amongst the agents of the Calixian Conclave are the digi-las weapons, and digital explosives. Digi-las weapons are usually modelled in the form of rings, and can be used in close combat as a pistol. Digital explosives are made to look like a wide variety of jewellery, are armed by applying precise pressure to certain points, and then thrown. Of course, both have their drawbacks: digi-las weapons take considerable time to replenish their tiny power reserves (1d5 hours before the weapon may be fired
again), and digital explosives are strictly one use only, making them an expensive investment.

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