Dark Heresy - AscensionEdit

There are many different variants of the boosted las-weapons known as hellguns and hellpistols, although as a general rule these weapons hit harder and cut through more armour than the standard lasgun. Their prohibitive manufacturing requirements, reliance on bulky backpack power units, and less reliable nature keeps them from being issued en masse to Imperial Guard regiments. However, hellweapons (or ‘hot-shot las-weapons’ as they are also known) are still favoured by the Imperial Guard’s elite Storm Troopers—as well as any number of agents for the Throne—as powerful weapons. The Calixian Storm Trooper Companies prefer to equip their forces with the Cadian pattern hellweapons. Constant warfare means these weapons have been enhanced to the point that they can cut through something as tough as power armour, making them extremely popular on the front lines. Hellguns can either be used with a Backpack Power Pack (see page 145), or smaller backpack units designed to be slung under standard field packs. These smaller units weigh 10 kg, and provide the hellgun with the listed ammunition capacity and reloading times. Cadian pattern hellguns and hellpistols are also equipped with built-in targeters. This does not count towards the weapon’s one-sight limit.

Name Class Range RoF Dmg Pen Clip Rld Wt Special Availability
Hellgun Basic 50m S/3/– 1d10+4 E 7 30 2 Full 6 kg Rare

Cadian-pattern Hellgun

Cadian-pattern Hellgun